SunShine Rotary Dental Camp

Thirty seven kids had a dental check-up on Sunday morning, April 13, 2014. The smallest was five years old and the oldest 16. None of them have ever had a dental check-up. This was their first.

Dentist Dr Pooja Poddar from the Rotary Club graciously came and checked all the children’s teeth. She found most of the children having dental caries or tooth decay and some need root canal treatment. A few young ones had stained teeth and need scaling. Dr Poddar explained the importance of dental hygiene and showed the right way of brushing teeth. Other Rotarians who came were Mrs Neerja Shukul, Mrs Ragini Sahu, and Mrs Rakhi Bhatia. They brought and distributed snacks to all the children. Every child also received a toothbrush.

The health of underprivileged children is a prime concern for SunShine Foundation. We partner with others like Rotary Club to provide much needed services for these children.
You too can partner with us and help spread a little sunshine.

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