Sunshine Masti 2013

“Those who bring Sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

Hey Sunshiners,

We are back with the second installment of Sunshine Masti, the fun time!
Last year we organized sports, creative learning and adventure, this year we have included a couple of more activities to keep it interesting like animal compassion, dance, drama, environment, nature walks and an ongoing experience with experts, different techniques and engaging workshops for all our little friends.
These activities will be held for the children for 5 days (7th to 11th May 2013) from all our centers,  the children from our focus groups are stigmatized, marginalized have nowhere to go. Lack of education and entertainment option leads to boredom, this further leads to the already threatened children to further get involved in anti-social activities.

Therefore the idea of organizing this camp is to give shape to their holidays in such a way that once we have taught them all the activities they can continue to do it on their own and for that we will leave some material behind, alIMG_1610so they can be involved in activities that are being held at other centers and Sunshine will assist them.

Friends I need not emphasize but we need your help to do this, it will be a fulfilling experience for you if you want to join us in person. Numerous times I have heard people talk about how much they enjoyed being a part of our campaign, and now here’s your chance.

And that’s not all, we are open to donations in form of material and funds to make this happen. We are looking for your support to run this program, you can either direct your funds towards a specific aspect or the camp in general.

So please open your hearts and your wallets and spread a little sunshine.

Your support can lift a child’s spirit to the highest of places.
Sunshine Team


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  • Wilfred Isaacs

    April 5, 2013 at 10:30 am Reply

    Glad you are directly asking people to donate to Sunshine Foundation. Hope you get good responses. We are back in Cleveland and I will be sending my donation next week. Also we can talk on Skype sometime.

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