Welcome to Sunshine Foundation

Children are one third of our population and all of our future. India has the distinction of having the largest child population in the world with a massive overall number below the poverty line. Despite several efforts the condition at large of children in India indicates a huge demand and urgency for intervention on a number of levels. Change is only possible when we start tackling the root causes that keeps them hungry, illiterate, exploited and abused. Paucity of basic resources is primarily the reason. Hence beneficiaries of the foundation are primarily children and vulnerable young adults from an economically deprived background. Further the foundation also works toward preventing potential second generation human trafficking.

Children at large and how we treat them are crucial both for our today and tomorrow. These young citizens are to be cared for and helped to develop and exploit their maximum potential. We know it is our responsibility to strengthen these individual and eventually the society and this nation at large. And we believe the way to go about it is by planting the seeds of change one step at a time.

The real struggle lies in the lack of supportive services to stand alongside the established functioning structures and development initiatives. As a matter of fact, even after they have done providing the basic amenities for a child’s existence, with limitations they face, there is not much left from a resource point of view for their development as a whole, by that we mean a holistic attempt or an over all development initiative for the child.

After years of close observation accompanied with passion to reach out to the ones who are already laboring towards a common vision, Sunshine foundation was formed with a sole purpose to undertake all those aspect which were left out for some reason or the another. With a progressive outlook and focused approach that covers psychological (mental & emotional strength), physical and social aspects of development for under privileged children, teen agers and women. Sunshine foundation primarily initiates the process of building a bond with the most vulnerable ones, so that they participate in the sacred bond of trust that furthers into the potential of discovering the extent they can achieve under right conditioning. We at the foundation want to help them grow to their full potential with a constant hope in spite of the odds they face.

Sunshine Foundation also works with women from the rural, slums and red light areas in central India, extending much needed medical facilities. The intervention is mainly on the lines of sexual and reproductive health of women by creating awareness and conducting detection and awareness camps. We also provide them guidance and training to empower them selves toward becoming financially independent though various vocational training initiatives.