Who We Are

We have a strong determination and well placed goals and objectives to a journey that is certainly tough yet the destination rewarding.

The idea of Sunshine was conceived in the year 2007 which came to fruition by way of registration in the year 2009. We are headquartered in Nagpur, a beautiful city in the state of Maharashtra in India.

Sunshine Foundation spreads its activities in all spheres and its integrated approach helps the psychological, physical and social development of abused and underprivileged children, it also works with women from rural areas on their reproductive and sexual health. All the programs of Sunshine are people’s programmes and are organized with their fullest participation at every stage.


To identify, analyze and improve the Quality of lives of poor and disadvantaged children and women in Central India with Nagpur as a base and its surrounding areas by strengthening capacities of marginalized women and girls to make empowering choices to live a better life and grow in capacity, capability and confidence.


  • To extend opportunities to children who are facing issues and are residents of rehabilitation centers, red light areas, slums and orphanages by ensuring that they are given viable educational, social and economic options.
  • To strengthen the process of economic development of women by creating self confidence and by involving them in income generating activities and create an environment conducive for social change thereby raising their status and hence contributing to poverty alleviation.
  • To sensitize the stakeholders and create mass awareness at community level about important & contemporary issues such as health and hygiene and gender inequality.

At A Glance

Name : Sunshine Foundation
Status : Non-Government Organization (NGO)
Registration No.:MAH 635/2009
Date of registeration:10/07/2009
Address : 1st floor, 162/A, Mecosabagh Christian Colony, Kadbi Chowk, Nagpur, 440004
Telephone : +91-712-2562551,+91-9975017383.
Fax : +91-712-2562551. Email : deepti@sunshinefoundation.org.in